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They say that Music is The Language of the Soul and is The Universal Language. For Amber, this is truer than true! Described as Mysterious, Majestic, and Angelic, Amber is one of Australia's most gifted and talented Performers of this generation.
With music ranging from Meditative/New Age, to Upbeat, Pop, Dance and Party, with an enchanting and captivating presence and sound, Amber is all about being real, raw and honest in each song written, performed and recorded. From Live Gigs to Studio Sessions and more, Amber continues to touch Fans from right here in Australia to all around the world with her unique, fun, quirky and enjoyable musical style and personality that speaks and sings creative!

"For me when it comes to acting I become the character.  Any character I’m given, I look for ways in which I can bring some ‘real life’ experiences and scenarios into the character itself. 

This really brings out the essence of the character and makes the character feel real and relatable to others... 

and so the journey continues."